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About Yari Productions

The mission of Yari Productions is to produce and present original music and Canadian creations that stem from jazz and improvised music, promoting Canadian jazz on the national and international scene.

Founded in 2006, Yari Productions continues to expand with its numerous activities in instrumental jazz. Internationally acclaimed musician Yannick Rieu brings a distinct and challenging perspective to the artistic direction, while president & general director Haiying Song fosters the development of Yari Productions’ mission through an innovative approach to promotion and the creation of partnerships.

Yari Productions has performed over 850 concerts, 37 international and national tours and recorded 7 albums, while constantly striving to expand its network of partners to build and strengthen ties with artists, promoters, cultural representatives and the audience. Such achievements attest to the company’s ability to develop new markets, build audience loyalty, renew the creative process, with the collaboration of numerous outstanding local musicians and prestigious foreign guests.

Supported by the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Qu├ębec for its operations, regularly endorsed by the Canada Council for the Arts and Fondation Musicaction for its various activities and projects, Yari Productions is recognized in the cultural community for the excellence of its creative work, its dissemination and its collaboratios.