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Yannick Rieu Génération Quartet

For his new project “Generation Quartet”, Yannick Rieu has teamed up with 3 of the most talented Canadian musicians of their generation. The group brings together the pianist Gentiane Michaud-Gagnon or Jonathan Cayer, the drummer Louis-Vincent Hamel and the bass player Guy Boisvert or Alex Le Blanc. As its name suggests, “Generation Quartet” allows for a dialogue between two generations of musicians who, over the years and through shared experiences, have developed a particular chemistry, a sound all their own. One foot set firmly in the jazz tradition, the other in innovation, this group is characterized by the great cohesiveness of its members, who explore, interact and exchange with one another. Besides unbridled spontaneity, collective energy is yet another strength of this quartet. Their music is imbued with poetry, mystery and beauty, evoking the human and spiritual experience in all its aspects.

Yannick Rieu Qui Qu’en Grogne

With his new album Qui Qu’en Grogne, Yannick Rieu invites us to revisit his musical origins and early influences with a new collection of songs grounded in the classic jazz quartet tradition. What begin as simple melodies expand as the group improvises together, becoming more elaborate, moving a step beyond the listener’s expectations. Musical conversations intertwine, achieving a truly unified sound.  For this new recording, Rieu has assembled a unique combination of established and emerging musicians: pianist Gentiane Michaud-Gagnon, drummer Louis-Vincent Hamel, and bassist Guy Boisvert. As the name suggests, Génération Quartet is about the dialogue between two generations of musicians, who through several years of shared experiences have developed a chemistry and sound that is entirely their own. With one foot set firmly in the jazz tradition’s rich past and the other in its future, this group’s music is imbued with poetry, mystery, and beauty – this album is an evocative exploration of the human experience.  Release: April 29th 2022 by Yari Productions.

Yannick Rieu MachiNations

« Opus » Price – Best album of 2020
2019’s Best Canadian Jazz Albums – Ottawa Citizen
“TOP 5” of  2019 – sortiesJAZZnights
50 Best Albums of 2019 – ICI Musique, Radio Canada

This album embodies the diverse influences that have punctuated Yannick Rieu’s musical journey. While exploring different grooves stemming from R&B, funk, rock-jazz, drum & bass, and world music, Rieu seeks to think out of the box by delving into a more diversified approach of harmonies traditionally associated with these musical styles.

«Yannick Rieu’s name is be associated with the great transmitters who constantly scrutinizes the musical horizon » 
– Christophe Rodriguez

« Rieu invites us to penetrate into his panoramic vision of the world and the music in his soul » 
-Frédéric Cardin, Radio Canada

« It is deliciously annoying to think that we have passed by such a master for so many years. » 
– Alexandre Fournet, France

Label (Canada) : Yari Productions
Label (France) : Laborie Jazz

Yannick Rieu MachiNAtions

Yannick Rieu is surrounded by the four most talented Canadian musicians of their generation. “MachiNations” is a summary of the various influences that have marked Yannick Rieu’s career. Exploring different grooves from R&B, funk, jazz-rock, drum and bass and ethnic music. However, Rieu wishes to get off the beaten track by exploring more diversified harmonies traditionally linked to these various musical genres. Here Rieu reaffirms his openness to other musical styles.  “MachiNations” is distinguished by the multiplicity of musical influences without becoming a patchwork. The different musical fields or inspirations are assimilated and assumed with great maturity. The whole bears the signature of the artist who is always in search of originality and balance.

Travelogue – In the footsteps of Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell is a timeless artist. Her career spans half a century and each of her albums is a universe in itself. A group consisting of some of the best musicians in Canada, namely Coral Egan (vocals), Yannick Rieu (saxophones) and Daniel Thouin (piano), backed up by Benoît Charest (electric guitar), Rémi-Jean Leblanc (electric bass), Tristan Forget-Brisson (percussion), Miles Dupire-Gagnon (drums) and Zachary Boileau (acoustic guitar), offers us an insight into Joni Mitchell’s work where jazz, folk and pop blend in an original and cohesive way. Audiences should expect groundbreaking renditions of nuggets such as River, Big Yellow Taxi and Coyote, rooted in the spirit of musical open-mindedness that defines Joni Mitchell’s repertoire. Her songs become fertile new ground for improvisation and performance. A retrospective not delving in nostalgia but undeniably part of the present.

Light as a Feather by Chick Corea

Featuring Coral Egan, Daniel Thouin, Alain Caron, Yannick Rieu, and Paul Brochu.

Released in 1973, Light As A Feather is the first recording by the iconic American jazz fusion band Return to Forever. This critically acclaimed and now classic debut album captures an era of sweeping change. Feeding off popular genres of the time, such as rock and world music, jazz greatly expanded its vocabulary and instrumentation. Like Joe Zawinul and John McLaughlin, late pianist and composer Chick Corea drew on his experience with Miles Davis during the Bitches Brew sessions to create his own musical vehicle with Return to Forever.

Featuring some of Canada’s finest musicians and the superb voice of singer Coral Egan, this performance will allow audiences to rediscover the album Light As A Feather, through the lyrical flurries of saxophonist Yannick Rieu and keyboardist Daniel Thouin, backed by a rhythm section set in the bedrock of jazz fusion, namely Alain Caron (bass) and Paul Brochu (drums).